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said the fallen angel *

es lo que es

las noticias de la vida

todo cambia pero

quedan las heridas

y yo que fui

tan perdido por aquí

me encontraré

la paz sin ser

cometido ha mentiras


(musical interlude … lots of horns)


Y es lo que es

la vida por noticias

nada cambia pero

quedan injusticias

y yo que fui

educado por aquí

me encontraré

razon sin ser

cometido ha malicias


 (repeat music … end with horns and cymbals)


* dijo el angel caído 

Copyright © henry toromoreno, 2011. All rights reserved.

Achtung, said the raven

(before the reverend arrived)

Cause this is when things
     can turn ugly…


200 laid off equines

from the republic

of windows and doors

took over the building

as its closure

meant that their living

was leaving

without guaranteeing

their severance pay

would surely be made

in exactly the same way

that the corporate dogs

from the banks

got their scratch

from the pigs

who are running

this animal farm —

but you have to remember

the addendum, my brothers,

     not that we are equals,

     but that some “are more equal

               than others.”


Copyright © henry toromoreno, 2008. All rights reserved.