Love is an alphabet

She’s far away today,

hanging in another state

And I call to hear, “I love you”

But she has so much more to say

I listened to her complaints

Agreed that life has really changed

 But we think we’re much the same

We married, and she kept her name

And we have traveled all these days

The gray can sometimes taint the way

But she keeps me interested

In the changes we’re forced to make

When she reminds me

that there’s more to life

than the minor games they set to trap us.

And she defines the course she wants

if the time is right,

and she’s sure that time is the only factor

that no one can account for. And nowI don’t need to hear,

those words I called for,

I can feel it in the timber

of her great expressions

of broken days with her belief

that dreams can act as fasteners

for the pictures

that you dare to put together.

And she’s still

far away today

coming back to this gloomy state

I wish our life together

was the phrase, “I love you”

But we have so much more to say.

© 2008 henry toromoreno