Young Leonel

Guest artist, Leonel Toromoreno. Oil on canvas.

Self portrait my uncle Leonel painted maybe 30 years ago, while under the influence of Picasso’s “blue period”. I’ve always liked this painting, and treasure it now even more, because it reminds me of my own son, Gabriel.

3 thoughts on “Young Leonel”

  1. ht, wow so picasso lovely inquisitive restful and blue


    Erika, I wish I was as talented as my uncle … his genius and ability kept me away from visual arts for a long, long time …. And you are very good. He was influenced by Picasso’s “blue” period when he painted this.

  2. Hello,
    I find this painting quite influencing as well. Could you please be more specific about Leonel Toromoreno? Where’s he from and what year he painted this self portrait?

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