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© 2007 henry toromoreno


goodbye, to a few men and mi vieja

Sunday, December 30, 2007.

Like so many 

on the eve of maybe

beginning another year

we expect to complete,

I found myself looking

at one of those lists

saying goodbye to people

most of us never meet,

but who we somehow “know”.

Of the fifty faces

this site listed,

I paused to say goodbye

to a few men



who shared with me

more than words.

And I raced to find this picture

of my vieja, mi abuela —

who this past year we buried

after years of faint departures —

and while no one knew her

in the crowd,

she made for me the difference,

in the corners of her empanadas,

and the meter of her laughter.

Before I ever read a single word,

it was mi abuela’s stories

that I heard.

mi vieja

© 2007 henry toromoreno