The sounds in your head, the things that you dream

The way you’ve learned to understand and mean

The things you recall, your memories and all

The yesterdays you put away, your nightmares and the disarray

It all belongs to someone else, when you consider what you became

There’s almost nothing of yourself; your face has changed, you’re not the same

You’ve learned since you began to be,

to use the “I”s around you to make your me

But perhaps you took too much, too much.

In such a rush to be filled up,  you let yourself become corrupt

Disrupted what there was of you, while trying to stay connected.

© 2008 henry toromoreno


Unicorn burgers and unicorn franks,

Unicorn sweaters and unicorn pants,

Unicorn hats and gloves came together,

Both beautifully made of unicorn leather.

Unicorn belts and unicorn shoes,

Unicorn horns made into musical flutes,

Unicorn tails and unicorn hooves,

Both lucky charms, but that’s half a truth.

Unicorns used to sing such great songs,

But there are so many uses for unicorns,

And that’s why,

That’s why the unicorn’s gone.

© 2008 henry toromoreno



that you should know

for my wife


I wrote this for you because I thought

that you should know, I realize that you could be

anywhere right now, but you are here with me.


But know too, I’ve seen the ways you’ve been

the places that you love and everything between.


It’s what I mean, when I say to you,

I love you. I know what you believe is true.

I know you.


And you know that as we share this life,

we keep our separate dreams;

we don’t even agree on what is wrong,

or who is right all the time.

We spare our days, sometimes our nights,

and we fight.


Believers that we are that our love should leave a mark;

should scar the heart, the way that beauty demands light.

And that together we are stronger.

Explosive; like dynamite.


© 2008 henry toromoreno