Instructions for a Modern Education

Take out your number two pencils.

Do not tear off the plastic before I tell you to do so.

Write in your name and your address.

Get used to filling in bubbles and giving out info.

Make sure you erase your mistakes completely.

Read the instructions and follow directions.

You’ll have half an hour for each of the sections.

You cannot look forward or backward.

You cannot use your own paper.

You’ll have five-minute breaks when I say so.

You can have a drink and a snack then, but no more.

When work starts again, I’m shutting the door.

If you don’t follow the rules you can’t take the test,

Because you don’t take the test, you won’t have a score,

And without a score you can’t get very far,

Since you won’t get very far,

we’ll never know who or where you are.

Copyright © henry toromoreno, 2015. All rights reserved.