Noah’s banana boat for alphabet animals


Guest artist, Alexander Raphael Toromoreno’s, “Noah’s banana boat for alphabet animals” … see how many letters and animals you can find.  Here’s a hint, there’s a cow and a pig, sinking in the ocean.

Copyright © henry toromoreno, 2009. All rights reserved

Sometimes it’s all blue

not baby blue,

soft and comforting

as the breadth of sky

that breaks at the horizon …

or a cornflower blue

cotton short sleeved shirt

that fit right around the shoulders

the summer you started getting looks …

but true blue.

melting towards the darkness,

rushing for the edges

of the rainbow

and messing with

the indigos of mourning …

the kind of blue

with heavy names like

Duke, Prussian, Navy

and Midnight that

cover other colors

with their spectrum …

the blue in your bruises,

that fade into jaundiced

patches and the blue

that creeps into dead lips

kissing the world goodbye.


Copyright © henry toromoreno, 2009. All rights reserved

The penalty for eating pomegranate seeds

I approach a day of raking

like I have arrived at a crime scene,

finding evidence that Persephone’s

white arms were dragged by;

her nails digging into the earth

as she clawed against being pulled

into the early darkness, the shorter days –

she scratched October’s face until he bled

the colors of a parade, and left a cryptic

message in the curled leaves on my lawn.

From the center of the world

she paints this picture of the fires

all around her; a portrait that breaks

in the wind and that I collect into piles.

Looking at the bursting colors

still clinging to the branches is

just a reminder that she’s been taken.

A sick ransom note from her captor,

like a naked picture of her outline

at the beach while

her curves eat half the sun.


Copyright © henry toromoreno, 2009. All rights reserved


In science news …

While working on a cartoon for this blog about an HIV “vaccine” I felt a little déjà vu — like I had drawn something like this long ago. Digging through some old folders (this is why it’s good to keep journals, diaries and notebooks) I discovered a little cartoon that I had done in high school, and that was actually printed in a 1985 Brooklyn Tech HS newspaper. Here is my new cartoon:


and here is the cartoon I drew in 1985.


I guess some things never change. Like cruel religious dogmas.

Copyright © henry toromoreno, 2009. All rights reserved

Ending a conversation about opposites

 It begins shortly after I serve my two boys

a plate of white cookies and some chocolate milk,

while I’m dipping my burnt whole wheat crackers


(the English call Melba toast and sell to us suckers)


into chick peas I could have squashed myself,


(but purchased as hummus instead)


when the questions appear about opposites,

but quickly become infected with laughter


(in between chewing and kicking each other)


they spill silly pairs of the commonest things

and finally break all the rules of the logic

that makes any sense of the meaning of opposites


(Think of a bar room late in a shift)


when one of them questions that since it’s

okay to say you’re comparing apples

and oranges like they are unlike, then

surely there must be an opposite for ears?


Mouth I say, and tell them to finish their snack.


Copyright © henry toromoreno, 2009. All rights reserved