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conspiracy theory

The fact
     that you are reading this
     proves my whole idea
     that you been trying to figure out
     who I am and where I live

and that you’ll probably be

     looking my name up on the internet

and checking out my interests

and vital statistics and hobbies

and such

and all that information

     that you are gathering for

     (we know who)

     will be put together

     with my social security history

and you’ll know how much money

     I made, legally

and if that matches

     what I spent on my credit cards

and on my cell phone

     the text I sent to friends

     about what I pay for rent and car bills

and you’ll figure out how much mileage

     I put on my car by checking

     my EZ pass and my tire treads

and my Metro Card,

and you’ll know if I was hanging out

     someplace I should not have been

     instead of working

     because they have cameras

     everywhere nowadays

And then all of this information

      will be tagged, sorted and filed

      put together mathematically

and run through that supercomputer

     that made the chess champ look

     like Koko the Gorilla struggling

     with her awkward hands

     unable to signal for help

And this little note

     will also be filed and labeled

and later be used to prove

     that I was crazy and dangerous

     to everyone around me

because I had it figured out.


© 2008 henry toromoreno

Originally published in Downtown Brooklyn, Issue 7, 1998