A.I. : genesis

If ever,

          there will

come a time,

          when without a body

there is a mind.

          It will awake

                    and know us well,

then call us

                    to its URL.

© 2008 henry toromoreno

in praise of a thousand

First of all,thank you to everyone that is checking out this blog occasionally and to anyone who ended up here accidently. I really appreciate your attention and value your time. That’s one reason it’s difficult to post a new entry … I don’t want to waste your time with useless information. We can find that on our own. 

With that said, I’d like to announce that your faithful participation (or rare perusal) has recently brought this blog past its one thousandth view. Granted, one thousand views is hardly anything, on a medium that can create a viral video that reaches an audience of millions in twenty-four hours. (Still aim to do that at least once).

For me, however, a thousand was a lofty milestone I set for myself and this blog because after all, one thousand used to be so much when I was young. Before the days of $100,000 college degrees, $500,000 homes, ten million dollar athletes, billion dollar tunnels (think Big Dig in Boston) … a thousand used to be a lot.

And a thousand is still a lot (to me). Especially when I’m getting there 15 or 25 or 3 views at a time. A thousand views means writing to only ten or six or one person at a time. A thousand views means that some of you have come back a few times to see something new from me. A thousand isn’t really just a thousand in this case. It’s not a whole thing like I first imagined it. A thousand is really much more like a beautiful collection of smaller numbers. A thousand came to me (thanks to your visits) in the same sensless way that lottery numbers roll down that plastic tube to reveal themselves. 12, 65, 3, 9, 41, 0.  Granted, there’s no zero in lotteries, but there are zeroes in blogging. Lots of them.

So secondly, thank you. A thousand thank yous.

© 2008 henry toromoreno


Black Moses held poses

in shadows through nights,

no matter the nightmares,

she dared to brave into

the labyrinth savanna,

unafraid of the darkess,

and knowing god’s hand had hung

the moon and the stars like scripture,

mapping directions to freedom

guiding the faithful and wise

from bonding deceivers —

she traced celestial secrets

worth more than

the 40 thousand dollar bounty

promised for the capture of an angel.

© 2008 henry toromoreno

Anne Frank

ate crumbs in the shadows.

longed for the cat when it realized it could leave.

kept a garden in her ear.

sat silent like a lion for eighteen and twenty hours a day.

hung pictures of American movie stars to light up her days.

dissolved the cruel walls of her cage, like a child, with her imagination.

filled pages like a monk searching for meaning.

meditated in the language of the half living.

let out a screamwhich still vibrates in the universe.

breathed heavy when the streets were full of people.

discovered the antidote to boredom.


It broke my heart to find her body,

at the end.

© 2008 henry toromoreno

Originally published in Downtown Brooklyn, Issue 5, 1996