the sailor’s wake

There are shows nowadays

          that let us ride along

safely from our homes

          with the kind of people

who cast an imprint on the flat world

          that you and I travel on.

My uncle, the sailor, for example,

          who got a tattoo in the Navy

before they became crackerjack stickers

          or cheap substitutes for personality

was one of those who marked the earth

          with his work and left behind a hurt

now that he’s gone past horizons

          we cannot yet get to;

and we are left at the pier, standing by an edge

          measuring the air with everyone around

until we are met with what we can recall –

which are all the pieces of the world

          he scraped off with his fingertips

and nails to bring home

          and mix with the salt of our meals.

Copyright © henry toromoreno, 2010. All rights reserved.

Invitation to Entropy

I don’t understand why you aren’t

as famous as your cousin gravity.

Your work in closed systems,

while leading to breakdowns,

doesn’t always mean calamity.

The way you use heat and light

to translate what is now

to what is possible,

is a testament to your creativity.

What you need is a better agent …

and since we’ve known each other

my whole life, I was thinking,

why don’t you start working for me?

Copyright © henry toromoreno, 2010. All rights reserved.