Ahhh; diction …

Every time I get one right,

a line that reads like music

or the perfect word surrounded

by almost perfect neighbors;

something happens to me,

and I promise myself

that there will be no more

restless nights chasing that high.


You’ll never see me

again crawling on my hands

and needs, picking through

the carpet or looking for a pen,

scratching on a blank page

or imagining a connection

between anything I scribble

and what I have been living.


And yet I know there is no cure.

I am a sick and unwell man,

and even obscurity cannot fix me

the way a few lines thrown together

can ease the pain for junkies.


Copyright © henry toromoreno, 2010. All rights reserved.

In defense of an ordinary man

So, I’m not good enough?

     I don’t match up?

I know it’s the superheroes

     that you love so much.

They’re such tough hombres,

     even though you say

it’s not the muscles but

     the strut;

the way they command a room

     when they enter,

the quick reflexes

     the poise in dangerous situations

how they give as good as they get

     the way they defend your honor

and good name

     in their tight rayon/ lycra blend suits

with their superhero signs

     emblazoned on their chests.

But what of me?

    I’m the one with a real job.

The sensitive male

     friend who happens

to be a good listener.

     Who awakens early

to shower and shave

     to stand & pay

for an overpriced latte

     never late to a meeting or a date –

that makes me invisible?

     (wouldn’t just one superpower be great?)

So what if I get nervous

     in front of cute girls like you

that’s no reason to ignore me.

     I’ve got excellent qualities –

               I won’t wait ‘til the last moment to take action,

               I won’t disappear when you turn to thank me,

               I won’t wear the same outfit to various functions,

               I won’t hide behind a mask or cape,

Or lead a secret double life

where loving you is less important than saving the day.


Copyright © henry toromoreno, 2010. All rights reserved.