In science news …

While working on a cartoon for this blog about an HIV “vaccine” I felt a little déjà vu — like I had drawn something like this long ago. Digging through some old folders (this is why it’s good to keep journals, diaries and notebooks) I discovered a little cartoon that I had done in high school, and that was actually printed in a 1985 Brooklyn Tech HS newspaper. Here is my new cartoon:


and here is the cartoon I drew in 1985.


I guess some things never change. Like cruel religious dogmas.

Copyright © henry toromoreno, 2009. All rights reserved

4 thoughts on “In science news …”

  1. Funny thing that…. ‘no condoms’ is not “Dogma”… it can’t be…. though, it is a logical conclusion of Latin tradition. (I spent some time worshiping with Eastern Christians, they have not come to the same conclusion.)

  2. As always, thanks for the feedback MDJ. Minor point, however, in that I didn’t mean that “no condoms” was the dogma. I meant ALL established religions are dogmatic for pretending to know anything and commanding “true” believers to follow their dictates, beliefs, ideas, rituals, etc.

    1. I should blush here…. You are right — they behave like it is dogma. Sometimes I think of dogma as a ‘protection’…. if its not dogma, I’m free to argue about it without risking real trouble. 🙂 people may think I’m a liberal, but if someone censors me I have the right to appeal… and the person who pronounced the censor maybe reprimanded.

      Religion is a rather confusing beast… I happen to think the world is better off for having it…. many disagree with me.

  3. ….interestingly enough the ‘faithful’ have a will to choose what they believe, support or not

    i would bet there are as many catholics on both sides who would argue either way

    there are church traditions that stay the same and those that continue to evolve

    ht….it’s true why does it take religious people so long to make a change and isn’t it sad that the rigidity we experience costs us so much

    i think we have to come to common understandings on the essentials of faith, dogma and doctrine while at the same time allowing a person’s individual choices to emerge

    we cannot hold the choices of others over their heads but we can trust that each of us will make decisions with our God-given minds

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