How poetry fuels the world

I found a note

reminding myself

to pick up jalapeños,

cilantro and lemons

to make picante sauce

for one of your

family’s parties.


It was written

on the back

of a torn out page

from a book of poetry

that you gave me for

Valentine’s Day our

first year of dating.


I already had the book.

I kept the page

           You wrote.

I recycled the page

and the picante was delicious.


This proves that poetry

          is a renewable energy.


Copyright © henry toromoreno, 2009. All rights reserved.


5 thoughts on “How poetry fuels the world”

  1. I love poems I can taste. 🙂

    Very good visuals here. I know we aren’t required to write of real occurrences and sometimes take creative license, but I find myself hoping this was a true story.

    True story … the list was longer, and the picante was delicious.

  2. Poetry is many and varied stuff, though you put it much more eloquently than I. Thanks for dropping in and saying hi. Looking forward to reading more here. Cheers.

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