colliding into youth

A hundred times a day

     they come at me

exotic particles from

     extra dimensions

from places I can’t imagine

     where the gravity

of a mother’s laughter

     doesn’t exist

in universes

     where there are

no points of light

     no bursting celebrations

against the darkness

     but only constellations

of sorrow and bad choices

     galaxies where black holes

are the safest place to be

     far from a father’s belt

or worse still shielded

     from the background radiation

left by the people

     who lent their

dust to make you


A hundred times a day

     I collide into the antimatter

          Of, whatever…

          Of, so what?

          Of, leave me the fuck alone.

I collide and neutralize

          With, here’s why

          And, because it matters

          And, as long as we are

both real and traveling

in the same space

at the same time

we will be drawn together

because opposites attract

and excite to the point

of explosion.


Just as before time

     there was no other

because we were one,

     now we leave traces

that verify the other’s existence.


Copyright © henry toromoreno, 2008. All rights reserved.


9 thoughts on “colliding into youth”

  1. Now, Papo…I am just trying to make you famous and such.

    I had 7 hits to my blog this weekend alone.

    Keep on stamping out ignorance out there in the great north east!

  2. Trying to come up with a way to say *this is so good* without stating it so plainly – surely you deserve better – but man, *this is so good.* Having worked with youth myself, I can relate – but the scientific words you use here, and the way you use that theme throughout – this is one of my favorites. I really like the title, as well.

    Some poems make am imperfect poet jealous he or she didn’t write them – this is one of those poems.

  3. I love the intensity of this piece. So many of your words resonate with me.

    Collide and neutralize.

    galaxies where black holes

    are the safest place to be

  4. Clever use of terms, under physics and/or cosmology, as metaphors for daily worries, both at home and at work (when the work involves dealing with youngsters). Especially in the first stanza — I really like the flow here, and the last few lines therein: “from the background radiation / left by the people / who lent their / dust to make you” (solid, incisive lines).

    Thank you for sharing it. Cheers.

  5. Hello. I saw you at S.L. Corsua’s beautiful site, “Unguarded Utterance.” This poem knocked me off my feet. Everything about it is so powerful. “Colliding” is the perfect word. The rhythm is excellent, and I want to read this poem many times, which means I love it. Great header picture, too. It’s nice to meet you.

  6. To Julie, sonofwalt, S.L., Lo and the rest, thank you so much for your encouragement and feedback — this poem seems to resonate with many people I personally know as well … who’da thunk? Please keep visiting, tell others, and I promise to keep trying my very best to deliver the goods. Humbly, T.

  7. I too came here from S. L. Corsua’s site, Unguarded Utterances, and was delighted with your poem. Why? Because it begins with what is true for too many. Instead of anger and rejection, I’m reminded how we are all linked in a beautiful, streaming connection of hope.

  8. A strong poem, so many powerful lines, but one image that really stands out for me:

    left by the people

    who lent their

    dust to make you

    I came here from SL Corsua’s site.

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